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[This page is in the initial stages of development. If you have any suggestions, comments, or contributions, please send them in. You pay taxes. The government is paid for by you and exists to represent and to serve you. Government of, by, and for the People - i.e., You! Let your government and your fellow citizens know what you want and how you feel. Communication and involvement are essential to a working ward and a working city. Similar Internet initiatives in this and other Wards are encouraged.]


Calendar of Ward Events

City Government and Civic Web Sites

Ward 5 City Councillor and Councillors-at-Large

Selected List of City Services

Major Ward Issues and Initiatives

[We need your help as a citizen of Ward 5 to help in the identification, definition and description of Ward 5 issues and initiatives. If you have a good grasp of any of the issues below, or other issues or initiatives in Ward 5, and can do a good write-up (or your own web-page) on it, your contribution would be most welcome.]

1995 Ward 5 Report Card (C.I.V.I.C.)

Ward 5 Speaks (under development)

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