Tomé Cardoso

Tomé Cardoso was born and raised in the Cape Verde Islands. He has been interested in photography since he was a young boy assisting in his father's photography studio. His father, Antonio Cardoso, who originally started his trade in Guine Bissau, is known throughout the islands for his work.

Tomé came to the United States at nineteen to study at the New England School of Photography in Boston. Since graduation, he has returned to the islands a number of times to photograph the land, the people, their cultural expressions, and historical sites. In April of 1995, Tomé was on the island of Fogo when, for the first time in fifty years, the eruption of the Fogo volcano occurred. In the midst of the tragedy of villages being destroyed, he was able to capture the drama and beauty of this rare event.

Tomé Cardoso is committed to continuing his photographic work in the islands in order to present to Caboverdianos worldwide, and to preserve for future generations, the beauty of their homeland and heritage.

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