Trees: Our Heritage and Our Legacy

Tree Fund

The Friends is committed to planting, maintaining and protecting as many trees as possible in the park. To this end we commissioned a major survey of the trees of the park by highly regarded arborist Lucinda Brockway. This survey* and accompanying recommendations were completed last year and form the foundation for our plans in this area. We have also established a Tree Program Committee which is developing a comprehensive Buttonwood Park Tree Plan to guide us toward our objectives. A special Tree Fund has been established for contributions to the program.

The program is off to a great start. We have already planted our first disease-resistant elm, thanks to a challenge grant from Mark Treadup which provides for the planting of four more elms as matching funds are received. This is in addition to eleven other trees that we have planted in the park in the last two years.

In cooperation with the Park Department, this fall city workers will begin to take down trees recommended for removal in the survey. Only dead trees which pose a danger to park visitors will be removed. Pruning activity will begin in November. Charles Duponte of Duponte Landscaping has graciously agreed to arrange for and supervise the work crews for this job.

Several new landscaping ideas for the park were proposed by Lucinda Brockway during a follow-up consultation and visit to the park. Her recommendations include planting a grove of fruit trees in front of the pond, increasing the lilacs in the arboretum to form a landscape pattern, placing two elms on each side of the Warming House walkway, adding new species to the arboretum, and replacing trees that will be removed.

As you can see, we have a large and long-term task ahead of us. Our goal is to plant ten new trees a year for the next ten years. Please help us to allow 100 trees to bloom.

Our great thanks to those who have contributed to the tree fund. If you would like to contribute, please call a tree committee member at 996-0670, or contact the Friends through the addresses given at the front of this newsletter.

*The Tree Survey is available to the public at the Buttonwood Park Library.

Tree Book

Carole Farrell of the Friends, along with fellow members of her Tree Committee, are in the process of producing a booklet - The Trees of Buttonwood Park. This illustrated booklet will describe the types of trees that are found in the park, identify where examples of the different types are located, and will help the reader to gain a better appreciation and enjoyment of this wonderful legacy. We plan to print approximately 500 copies of this booklet and to distribute it to local schools and libraries. This project has been partially funded by the Arts Lottery Council.

Library Contribution

We would also like to purchase a copy some tree educational materials for use by local schools and libraries, and at public meetings. These will include a book, posters, and a videotape. Your support of the tree fund will enable us to carry out this important educational aspect of our tree program.

Tree Links

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